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ClipsReel Review Software By Abhi Dwivedi

ClipsReel is a cloud based video creator that converts any blog post, URL and ecommerce product page into a stunning video that you can then use for ads, marketing or just about anything. It does all of this automatically using built in artificial intelligence technology. AND THE BEST PART, you can create your own voice overs using it’s Text-to-speech technology for different languages and accents.

Here’s how it works:

Step #1: Enter a URL or copy-paste
an article

Step #2: ClipsReel creates the video.
You can now customise it by editing
music, text-to-speech, music, logos,
watermarks, video clips, video frames,
lower thirds and more.

Step #3: Click FINISH and download
your video or convert it into a GIF.

ClipsReel Review - ClipsReel is web based software that automatically create stunning videos using any URL. ClipsReel in a way turns any URL or web page into a video using IBMs machine learning and our A.I. technology. ClipsReel scans a page, picks up the important text, curates it into a video by adding relevant images, video clips, transitions, animations, text-to-speech, voice-over and background music. The video create is fully customisable and can be edited as needed. Created video can then directly be downloaded or pushed into (purchased separately) to be shared on multiple video sharing websites.

What can you do with ClipsReel?

Create videos using just a URL or an article
Create videos of ecommerce products from Amazon, Ebay or AliExpress URL
100% Customisable. Add logo, watermark, music, text-to-speech, captions, images and more
Cloud based. Works on Windows, Mac and tablets.
Comes packed with 40,000 images
Comes packed with 5,000 video clips
Comes packed with 650 background music
Comes packed with 1000 fonts
Publish rendered videos on Facebook. and YouTube from inside the dashboard
Post your SEO optimised videos not just to YouTube and Google, but to Instagram & Snapchat via dropbox (part of OTO1 PRO version)

Complete ClipsReel Review here:

Connect SyVID to upload videos on 8 video sites and 15 social networks from dashboard.

Quickly turn your ‘me-too’ social media posts & updates into rich interactive video ones to break through the social media noise for easy traffic
Create Square videos for FB
Create animated GIFs from the videos created
Choose Video Quality to render your video into
No extra money, creativity, or time needed unlike other video creation platforms

Apart from all this, you also can:
1) Download the video they create
2) Export the video as a regular video, square video or a GIF, in different sizes and resolutions.
3) SyVID integration to push these videos into SyVID to be shared on 8 video sites and 15 social networks.

What do you get on the frontend?
1) Personal use
2) 100 Video Renders per day
3) 40,000 Images in ImageLibrary
4) 5,000 Video Clips in VideoLibrary
5) 650 Background Music in MusicLibrary
6) 1,000 Professional Fonts in FontLibrary
7) Text - to - Speech with 50 Voices & Accent
8) Sub-titles & Caption Multi - Lingual Support
9) Add own logo and watermark. branding free
10) Create videos from URL or by copy-pasting text
11) Create Square Videos for Facebook
12) Advanced Tracking & Stats
13) No Monthly Payment

You can also add music, automatic voice overs, captions, logos and much more to your videos. Then tap to download or share in seconds and start driving unstoppable traffic from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google in minutes.

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